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Club Externes - Happy Birthday Desmodonne

Gestern erreichte mich MailPost, eine Nachricht die einen internationalen Stellenwert unter Ducatisti hat. Desmodonne wird 1 Jahr. Am 3 Februar 2014 hat Vibeche Desmodonne aus der Taufe gehoben. Inzwischen hat sich viel getan, vom eigenen T-Shirts und Veranstaltung bis hin zu DOC übergreifenden Freundschaften die um die ganze Welt gehen.

Hier die original Zeilen von Vibeche:

I am the president of Desmodonne International (DD), the worldwide club for Ducati women. We have an international board and about 700 Ducatigirls (riders and passengers) from over 50 countries is gathered in this group. We are having a good time together on facebook sharing the same red passion across boarders.
An atttached infoletter about DD was sent from Ducati after the lauching one year back. We can see that some clubs have not received the info as we still get in touch with new members that haven`t heard about. I will ask you to kindly share this link on your clubpage and courage them to give them to join us.
As you can see from the website our purpose is to be a community that also function as a recruitment channel to attract more female members to the clubs. Most of our members take part in a local club – others have found a DOC through us.
We can see that the average share of women in the clubs are about 5-13 %. This community give them a bigger world to interact in with likeminded. We will have two events in Italy this year and we invite eachother to local events. DD has 1 year birthday on Tuesday the 3th of February. We hope to see girls from your club joining our birthdayparty . Please share this link:
I am also the president of DOC (2015) Arctic 71* Nord and I hope we will have the opportunity to meet.
Thanks for your attention!
Best regards from Oslo, Norway
Vibeche Tveit


Wir als DOC Regensburg wollen auf diesem Weg gratulieren und auch wir wünschen uns mehr Zuspruch aus der weiblichen Liga. Es gibt auch auf FB zwei Kontaktseiten. Eine Fanseite und eine Geschlossene Gruppe. Schaut doch einfach mal vorbei.

Morgen wird der Tag bei Desmodonne groß zelebriert :-)

Viel Spaß